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Cook a S’more in the SUN!

Power to the Parabola! Believe it or not, we have passed Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and winter is coming….. Nonetheless, with summer’s light and heat upon us, I’m sharing one of my favorite activities from Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids. “Power to the Parabola” explains a concept about the hand-sized

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend

This is a somber week. I’ve been thinking about the men and women who have served our nation and also my family and friends who have gone before me. Years ago, when Memorial Day rolled around, my dad would say, “I’m decorating graves in my mind today.” He meant graves in military cemeteries and in

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Book Review: CLOSEUP ON WAR by Mary Cronk Farrell

            Ten years ago, I was working on Reporting Under Fire: 16 Daring Women War Correspondents and Photojournalists with Chicago Review Press. I’m giving several programs about these heroes this month to both young people and lifelong learners like me. (Read more here: )             Now comes a new title on a woman who

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A Loving Act: Bringing Home the Dead

I spoke with junior high kids last week in Washington DC, thanks to a wonderful organization, An Open Book Foundation, which puts books in the hands of students who live in our nation’s capital. My topic was BONES UNEARTHED!, my latest in the Creepy & True series from Abrams Books for Young Readers. It’s February,

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Breaking News: Volcano Erupts!

This was the exploding Tonga Volcano taken from a boat only two days ago. Incredible footage.  Reports of destruction continue to pour in. At this early time, it seems that there has been little loss of life, but I’m well aware that could change. The news agency Reuters, based in Toronto, Canada, reported an

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Save the Birds on Christmas Day!

When I returned to writing for pay, I first tried to sell a story about the Christmas Bird Count to some publishers.  “Good job,” they wrote, “but this is better suited for a magazine article than a book!” I reframed my piece and submitted it to Bird Watcher’s Digest. It appeared in the November-December issue

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Looking Ahead to Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead, Día de Los Muertos, is a holiday I’ve written about in the last ten years. Tracing back to its Mexican and Central American roots, we find that this celebration is a mix of Catholic Christian and very old Aztec traditions.  On November 1 and 2, families welcome back the spirits of

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At Last…A Pub Date. A Farewell, as Well.

I’m so pleased that my new book BONES UNEARTHED! will publish on November 23.  In those wacky times, the pub date was delayed from September, the perfect time to launch a book from my Creepy & True series for middle grade readers. Now the book will drop just before Thanksgiving (and is available for preorder

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lucky feather

Lucky Feather

I found a gray feather in our grass this morning. It’s about four inches long. Might be from a mourning dove, but I don’t know for sure.

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two lane highway

Auto Trails

Research last week led me to “auto trails,” mostly two-lane highways that began replacing horse-and-buggy roads early in the 1900s.

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