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At Last…A Pub Date. A Farewell, as Well.

I’m so pleased that my new book BONES UNEARTHED! will publish on November 23.  In those wacky times, the pub date was delayed from September, the perfect time to launch a book from my Creepy & True series for middle grade readers. Now the book will drop just before Thanksgiving (and is available for preorder in case you are doing early holiday shopping.)

Bones Unearthed!

            I wrote my final post for Hands-On-Books this week. Brandon, Marry Kay and I are closing up shop for this blog at year’s end. There’s so much effort behind every single book, and dare I say – blood, sweat, and yes, even tears. “What goes up, must come down….”)

            I cruised through my offerings since 2013, when we opened shop to generate interest in our books and what we have written. Book author guru Jane Friedman advised us to make our blog “useful,” and by offering kid-centered activities, I think we’ve accomplished that! Jane’s primo blog, “Electric Speed,” is at

            Hands-on-Books will still hang out on the web, and all of us plan to dip into it now and again. There’s a lot of good info about children’s books and more.

            And as I preach regularly, adults can learn from kids’ and teen books, too!

            I regenerated one of my favorite posts in honor of the month of October—how to carve a  turnip!

            Celtic people in the British Isles carved these root vegetables in the fall festival of Samhain (SOW ren), the time of year when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. As for me, I feel this in my “bones….!”

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