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Breaking News: Volcano Erupts!

This was the exploding Tonga Volcano taken from a boat only two days ago. Incredible footage.  Reports of destruction continue to pour in. At this early time, it seems that there has been little loss of life, but I’m well aware that could change.

The news agency Reuters, based in Toronto, Canada, reported an example of what happened to a resort and its owners:


The Ha’atafu Beach Resort, on the Hihifo peninsula, 21 km (13 miles) west of the capital Nuku’alofa, was “completely wiped out”, the owners said on Facebook.

The family that manages the resort had run for their lives through the bush to escape the tsunami, it said. “The whole western coastline has been completely destroyed along with Kanukupolu village,” the resort said.

The Red Cross said it was mobilising its network to respond to what it called the worst volcanic eruption the Pacific has experienced in decades.”


I’m relieved to read that help is on the way. Hearing this news brought me back to the chapter I wrote in Bones Unearthed!!about the Krakatoa explosion in Indonesia in 1883. (Krakatoa is also known as Krakatau.)  So much devastation. So much death. Not to mention a climate turned around for a year and more.


The Tonga Volcano generated a shock wave from the South Pacific felt all the way to London. The Krakatoa shockwave circled our planet seven times. That was only the beginning.

There’s so much more to learn about Krakatoa. Chapter Two of Bones Unearthed! will help you understand about volcanos and what happens when they blow up. Pick up the book in your library, or buy it here:

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